miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007




In order to finalize I can say that this blog is based on the things that I like and the things that I do not like, speak of my and my life.
To create this blog I like because it was a way to evaluate different and with this blog through our works, compositions and conversations we practiced much the English, that are very important for our future, like good professionals.

domingo, 15 de abril de 2007

Is Karina there?

In this lesson we practice and talk about cellphone conersations, between Maria and me, also between Karina and me here's one:

Maria: Hello
Jonathan: Hi it's Jonathan, is Karina there?
Maria: I’m sorry she isn’t here… if you want you can leave a message to him.
Jonathan: Ok tell her that I need to talk to her
Maria: Ok not problem
Jonathan: Thanks bye
Maria: You’re welcome Jonathan

Karina: hello? Jon, it’s Karina
Jonathan: Hi!! Karina, how are you?
Karina: fine thanks. What’s the matter?
Jonathan: I called you because I want to go to the movie, will you go with me?
Karina: yes of course… see you there at 8 o‘clock
Jonathan: ok! See you, bye.
Karina: Bye!! See you.

Time line

In this unit we studied a little about statements with the past of be, and made a line of the time with the biography of an artist, in my case I chose my favorite singer.

I hope that you like it

I had a good weekend

This unit we studied the verbs in past and for this entrance I made a composition about which I made the last weekend.
The last weekend I stayed my home and watched TV. On Saturday I visited a friend of mine and we went to the movies and on Sunday my family and I visited my grand mother. I had a good weekend because I stayed with my family and friends.
I hope that you have liked and leave its commentaries

You can't miss it

In this unit we studied a little about the directions and of like arriving at the places that we want, now I did a map locating my direction.

Well, I am in the avenidad C2 and I want to arrive at my house, go ahead jonathan st. to for three blocks to 3A st. turn right. it's on the left.
I hope that you have liked and please she leaves a commentary

What's the matter?

in this unit I made a conversation, about pains where I was the doctor

Zaidely: Hi! Egilis How are you?
Egilis: No, well
Zaidely: Why? What happen? You don’t look well
Egilis: Is my stomach, every day hurt
Zaidely: You should go to the doctor, lets go
Egilis: No, please
Zaidely: Yes, yes, yes, come on!!!

In the hospital
Zaidely: Excuse me!! My friend doesn’t fell well
Receptionist: OK, wait the doctor
Doctor: Next
Egilis: Hi doctor!! I’m Egilis
Doctor: Hello Egilis, tell me! How do you fell?
Egilis: Bad, bad, bad my stomach hurt
Doctor: Let me see!! OK take this aspirin are so good
Egilis: Really?
Doctor: I swear!!!
Egilis: Oh yeah, I feel so good. Thanks Doctor
Doctor: I understand your problem is psychologist
Egilis: Why?
Doctor: Because that aspirin was a candy